Developed to bring joy and meaning to those nearing the end of life, this special program helps make life-enhancing wishes come true. Whether it’s bringing family together for one last visit or helping cross a lingering item off a bucket list, each One More Time moment creates lasting memories for all involved.

Examples include: 

  • Dinner at a favorite restaurant
  • Attending a family milestone event
  • Taking a day trip to a favorite place
  • Going fishing
  • Flying a kite
  • Arranging for a private concert featuring favorite music
  • Attending a theater production
  • Attending a ball game
  • Throwing a birthday party
  • Celebrating an anniversary
  • Touring a local attraction
  • Participating in an Honor Flight
  • Taking a flight in an airplane
  • Riding in a classic car

“Our recent One More Time event was an incredible opportunity for our team to bring together three lifelong friends and provide them with a day of sharing memories and laughs. Families and friends can work with our teams to make their loved ones’ wishes come true,” said Susan Swink, marketing director.

Volunteer with One More Time

As we seek to meet the needs of our residents and patients, there are many opportunities to volunteer, including with the One More Time program.

Volunteer activities may be limited or prohibited at this time.  To get started, and for specific volunteer opportunities available, contact your local PMMA
(Presbyterian Manors of Mid-America®) campus or Heart & Soul office to learn more.

Volunteers may be subject to background checks.