Capital Campaigns

Capital gifts support specific physical improvements or expansions for PMMA (Presbyterian Manors of Mid-America®) campuses and programs, including transportation.  The PMMA® Board of Trustees must authorize capital campaigns and gifts that involve real estate.



Thanks to a grant from the Kansas Department of Transportation (K-DOT), several PMMA communities were able to purchase a transportation van.  Residents are enjoying shiny new rides that will help them, as well as community members.

The communities to receive a grant to purchase a new van include:  Arkansas City, Lawrence, Newton, Parsons and Topeka.

“Being without transportation is frustrating and can make seniors feel like they’ve really lost their independence.  By offering this service, residents and community members can simply call and schedule a ride and be taken to run errands, visit the doctor, go shopping, or even on fun outings,” said one transportation assistant.