Mission and compassion –
it’s who we are and why we’re here.

On behalf of the PMMA Board of Trustees and senior leadership, we are pleased to share the 2020 Annual Report.

The annual report contains images and true accounts that tell the PMMA story during this historic year.  Donors and volunteers like you remained faithful, and even now continue to fill the gaps.  We are proud to say that COVID did not stop the passion and generosity for the PMMA mission.  So many people poured out love across Kansas and Missouri to our residents and employees.  We are forever grateful.

We hope this report inspires you, and helps connect you in a deeper and richer way to the mission you serve.  As we reflect on this year, thank you for the good you have made possible through your prayers and gifts.

Ways to spread kindness:

  • Make an online gift today by clicking here.  It is quick and easy.
  • Mail in a gift to a PMMA community or to PO Box 20440, Wichita, KS 67208-1440.
  • Send a letter through the United States Postal Service to a resident.
  • Share a letter, words of encouragement, or a picture with us and we will share throughout our entire network of care.  Email us today at development@pmma.org.
  • Visit our Facebook pages.  There are amazing stories of joy and hope coming from our employees and residents as they live in these unique circumstances.

You are the difference.
Thank you!

PMMA exists with the help of people like you. People who believe in a mission to serve and make a difference in the lives of others by sharing gifts of time, talent and treasure.

And you can, too.

If you have the time, stop by one of our communities and get to know our residents. Talk to them. Listen to their stories. Or, just provide them with a little company. No gesture is too small to have a lasting effect.

If you have a talent, share it. Give a performance, lead a discussion or teach a new skill. Learning, experiencing and enjoying new things is an important part of life regardless of age.

If you have the financial means, or available resources, give. Each donation provided to PMMA will be utilized within the community to which it is given or one specified by its benefactor.

Upcoming events

Watch for more details to come for upcoming fundraising events.  While events will look a little different this year, the heart and spirit of these events remains the same – and are sure to  be an exciting time in our PMMA communities.

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    Some of the success stories

    Latest news

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