Every time a bell rings an angel gets its wings.

Each year, during the Christmas holiday season, we invite you to become an “Angel for a Day” by making a contribution to the Good Samaritan Program.  Not limited to just the holidays, with your gift, you can become an “Angel for a Day” any time of the year.

Established in the 1950s, the Good Samaritan Program provides funding assistance for residents who have outlived their financial resources through no fault of their own.  Since the inception of our mission, Presbyterian Manors of Mid-America has ensured thousands of residents of its commitment that they will always have a home.

But doing so is no small task.  In 2018 alone, an average of 290 residents depended on the generosity of others like you.  To continue to meet the growing need among seniors in our communities, we need your help.  The Good Samaritan Program seeks to help meet life essentials that are not covered by other reimbursement methods.  Some expenses include utilities, the gap in dietary and nutrition costs, clothing, dental care and personal hygiene items.  On average, that equates to $50 per day per resident.

To earn your angel wings, simply complete the online donation form below.