Thanks to the generosity of people like you, Gib spent the final years of his life in the comfort of the place he called home, a PMMA senior living community.  

Names of people who receive help through the Good Samaritan Program are kept confidential. However, with Gib’s family’s permission, we have a special opportunity to share his story. He inspired us and in turn we hope that his story inspires you.

Gibson “Gib” Hart was one of the most generous people you could ever meet. From raising vegetables in a community garden, caring for a Laotian family after the Vietnam war, volunteering at the local food pantry or donating one of his prized model trains to the Aberdeen Village Christmas display, Gib did it all out of pure, selfless love. Friends and family remember Gib’s version of the scripture from Luke, “unto much is given, much is expected.”

However, like many seniors in our communities, Gib eventually outlived his financial resources and found himself relying on the generosity of others. Gib and the more than 300 other PMMA residents in need are not just numbers; they are parents and grandparents, friends and neighbors. Thanks to you, the Good Samaritan Program provides the resources to ensure they are not homeless and without access to care.  The program seeks to help meet life essentials that are not covered by other reimbursement methods.  Some expenses include utilities, the gap in dietary and nutrition costs, clothing, dental care and personal hygiene items.  On average, that equates to $50 per day per resident.

Your contribution to the Good Samaritan Program this holiday season helps someone’s grandpa or grandma. To make a gift today, simply complete the online donation form below.