Our promise.
We cannot do it without you.

“It’s a beautiful way to spend my last years.  I don’t have any worries.  If I get sick, they’re going to take care of me.  If I die, I’m taken care of.
And I guess if I live to be 110, it will continue.  I have the faith of God in my heart, and I have the faith of the Manor in my feelings.
I’m very grateful, very grateful.

I would say this has really been the joy of my life.  So unexpected.  So well taken care of.”

~ Freda, right, at age 100

Today, more than 350 PMMA (Presbyterian Manors of Mid-America®) residents depend on the Good Samaritan Program.  Right now, you can help provide this same blessing that Freda experienced to residents like her.  Join us and spread joy with a gift to the annual Angel Tree campaign.

Every gift raised supports PMMA® residents who can no longer afford care and services.  You make it possible for residents like Freda to remain in their home through the
Good Samaritan Program.  Now, more than ever, we truly need one another.

To make a gift today, simply complete the online donation form below: