Farmington Presbyterian Manor receives $1 million gift

An anonymous gift of $1 million to Farmington Presbyterian Manor has spring-boarded the funding of a new 3,500 square-foot fellowship center for the senior living community.

“The day I received the phone call to schedule a time to visit about a donation, I had no idea the amount the donor had in mind.  I was amazed and immediately knew how we could positively impact the most lives now and in the future by creating a space to gather,” said Jane Hull, executive director of Farmington Presbyterian Manor. “Life is best lived when we connect with the world around us and those we share it with. When Farmington Presbyterian Manor was built in 1962, very little space was allocated for gathering and ease of access to nature.

“This $1 million lead gift has served as a catalyst and members of the Farmington community have joined forces to establish the “GIVE. GATHER. GROW. Fundraising Campaign” to fund the new 3,500 square-foot fellowship center.”

She said the total $1,250,000 campaign will provide space where community members can hold everything from weekly worship services to anniversary parties and an outdoor patio and garden area where residents can reconnect with nature and enjoy the healing and therapeutic effects of fresh air and sunshine.

“The fellowship center will improve current and future resident lives by offering a space dedicated to life enrichment, classroom and banquet-style seating, an expanded space for Art is Ageless exhibit, space to promote wellness, additional parking to welcome guests, space for families at the holidays,” said Nancy Sullivan, steering committee co-chair.

Although the initial, generous donation placed the group well on the way to fulfilling the vision, to meet all of the current and future needs of residents, additional support is still needed to meet the projected completion date of spring 2020.  A groundbreaking ceremony is scheduled for Sept. 5 at the project site where residents, families, employees and friends of Farmington Presbyterian Manor will celebrate the momentum of the project.

To learn more about the campaign visit www.FarmingtonGiving.org or contact Executive Director Jane Hull at 573-756-6768.