Employees love and support PMMA mission

Live. Work. Give.  In some organizations, these three words are mutually exclusive—but not at PMMA.  Each and every day, we are blessed by countless individuals who effortlessly blur the lines between work and give.

Emporia Presbyterian Manor recently kicked off an education and awareness program about philanthropy. “Our goal was to grow the love of mission within our employees.  The result was outstanding,” says HR director Caitie Steinman.

To date, 35 employees have elected to give through payroll deduction verses when we started, there was only one employee giving.  The financial impact is important, but equally important is the adoption of a culture of inclusion, empowerment and celebration.  Employees are making a difference not only through their unique roles, but through their individual gifts.

Executive director, Susan Siepelmeier remarks, “giving is such a joy and this effort allows for deeper connections among employees, residents and the greater community.”