Thank you to the true guardians of PMMA. 

The Alice Kalb Society recognizes and honors donors whose generosity has and will affect residents of PMMA in profound and as yet unimagined ways, ensuring the mission of Christian care and service in to the future.  Named in honor of the tenacious, 90-year-old widow who influenced the first bequest needed to build the first building in Newton, Kansas, this planned giving recognition club celebrates special donors who have designated a gift through their estate plans.  Below are the Alice Kalb Society donors who have made a legacy gift to PMMA. 

Aberdeen Heights
Esther Graul

Aberdeen Village
Twila G. Butts
Norville and Betty Gish
Margaret “Peggy” Peoples
Ruth G. Smith
Rev. Bill and Anna Belle Walter

Arkansas City Presbyterian Manor
Wanda Abildgaard
Joe and Eleanor Anderson
Herbert Austin, Jr.
Robert and Mary Brown
Charles and Verna Davis
Karl and Dorothy Faidley
Edward and Margaret Gilliland
Bobetta Hagerty
Helen Jay
Ila Livingston
Judy McDonald and Charles Dungey
Adra McFall
Robert and Betty McGehan
Jo Ann Newman
Clarence and Elizabeth Northcutt
Luther Parman
Donald and Wilda Patterson
Mr. Lowell V. Smith
Florence L. Stephens
Mary M. Warner
Nicholas S. Warner
Virginia Jane Wilkins
Beatrice Wright

Clay Center Presbyterian Manor
Evan & Gladys Alex
William and Eleanor Chestnut
Marc C. Fullington
Charlotte Gilbert
Arlan and Arlene Habluetzel
Dick and Betty Moore
Milton and Helen “Fay” Wirt

Emporia Presbyterian Manor
Dorris V. Barnett
Joe and Lucille Cannon
Helen Conard
Helen Justine Curry
Drs. Charles and Rebecca Dewey
Cecile Frazier
Edna Glaser
Lewis and Elva Humphreys
Loie Jett
Ms. Helen I. Kassens
Loretto A. Langley
Marylouise Meder
Leonard and Lillian Moore
Reita Richel
Earl and Stelouise Sauder
Paul H. Shepherd
Dr. Elva Lea Wise

Farmington Presbyterian Manor
Ruth Alice Anderson
Margaret S. Barron
Glenda and Warren Corless
Lee and Ora Dagley
Glenwood and Dorothy Doughty
Edward Gall
George C. and Shirley Giessing
Constance R. Hucker
Virginia Iams
Ruth and Robert Karsch
Jamie B. King
Bernice Lenhart
Robert and Reba Manley
Dorothy L. Miles
Catherine and Dan Peek
Hazel Peters
Abigail Rickus
Dorothy Saladin
Clark and Nina Simmons
Hal C. White
Carol Willman

Fort Scott Presbyterian Village
Connie and James Banwart
Robert and Maxine Coyan
Robert T. and Carol Crain
James S. and Audrea Crutcher
Mrs. Alyene C. Fowler
Cliff Gordon
Robert and Bernita Hill
David Horn
Mildred J. Hudson
Dr. Pratt Irby
Kenneth W. Keeney
Glenn and Maxine Nightingale
Robert M. Noll, Jr.
Betty Ray
Ray and Mary Shepherd
Helen Trotter

Lawrence Presbyterian Manor
Violet Bechtold
Emma Semple Berg
Anna and Clark Bricker
Georgiana Brune
Edith Ernst
Alice Gallup
Phil Hawley
S.R. and Mary Hukle
Beatrice Ledwith
E.G. Lindquist
Dr. C.O. Nauman
Russell Pardee
Cecil and Mary Richards
Ruth Sawyer
Dr. Susanne Shaw
Fern Shoemaker
Frances Genevieve Wendorff

Manor Of The Plains
Lois Bryson
Tom Harkness
Everett and Jean Koelling
Virgil and Eva Lewis
W.O. and Grace Ostenberg
Irene L. Thompson

Newton Presbyterian Manor
Colin and Joan Bailey
Christena Bowen
Millicent Claassen
Walter and Helen Claassen
Herman and Regina Esau
George Robert Grice
Gertrude Haury
Kenneth K. Haury
Melvin and Donna McAnulty
Dr. Allen D. McCune
Dr. Ray and Ermal McFarland
Marie McFarland
Phil and Lois Palmer
George and Letha Simpson
Kenneth L. Stuckey
Edgar and Edith Templeton

Parsons Presbyterian Manor
Katherine Bengel
Mildred Geckeler
Nadine Grove
Veda and Forest Woodward

PMMA/Presbyterian Manors, Inc.
Susan C. Fry
Alma Neomah Shroff
Dr. Daniel and Margaret Campbell
Dr. Helen K. Coffin
Alfred Henderson
Sarah Moore
Lois Riemath

Rolla Presbyterian Manor
Fred Kisslinger
Carl Line
Eldon Livingston
Rev. Dr. Kenneth and Alice Locke
Ruth B. Schowalter
James and Francine Sowers
Gladys Stuart

Salina Presbyterian Manor
Eulora and Donald Allen
Nora Blachly
Joan K. Corwin
Ms. Shirley M. Drawbaugh
Ronald and Winifred Force
Ethel Hines
Dr. Perry and Phyllis Hunsley
Delores R. Quade Hyle
Marian Kesl
William P. Knox
Rev. Fredric and Helen Litchman
Jake Mitchell
Milton Stiefel
Alla Rose Winsett
Lillian Zeigler

Topeka Presbyterian Manor
Floyd and Helen L. Adams
Evelyn and Earl Amthauer
Marcella Anderson
Willis S. Clark
John Culbertson
Lida B. Gardner
Mercedes Huey
Phillip and Patricia Morris
Reba Morrison
Kathryn Planz
Marjorie K. Bales-Selander
Robert and Bernita Thorn

Wichita Presbyterian Manor
Anna Adrian
Elinor and Platte Amstutz
Betty Ann Angulo
Marion I. Bird
Helen Collier
Florence Diehl
Margaret Dietrich
George and Alleen Engle
Molly Goodwin
Virginia Haigh
Ira and Laura Hatfield
Harland and Mable Hutcheson
Forrest Kelley
Hazel L. Lister
Margaret McHugh
Elizabeth Murphy
Dorothy and Naymon Rowden
Gladys Smiley
Karen H. Smith
Dale and Hazel L. Teitzel
Leonard and Olga Wright

Thank you to our faithful supporters.

During fiscal year 2021, Presbyterian Manors of Mid-America (PMMA) senior living communities received philanthropic support from individuals, churches and businesses.  Reported below are the names of donors who gave a total of $100 or more from 7/1/2020 – 6/30/2021.


Aberdeen Heights
Mr. Paul G. Anderson
Mrs. Ann P. Bauer
Ms. Paula Edick
Mrs. Pamela Gomes
Ms. Edith E. Jackson
Mrs. M. Carol Klahr
Mr. and Mrs. W. C. Koon, Jr.
Mrs. Antoinette T. McCoy
Mr. John C. Miller
Mr. and Mrs. G. Thomas Mitchell
Mr. and Mrs. John C. Rorris
Mr. and Mrs. Dale G. Schaefer
Mrs. Betty J. Smith
Mr. and Mrs. Gerald Smith
Mr. and Mrs. Edward Wakefield
Mrs. Marti Ward

Aberdeen Ridge
Ms. Christina Ammann

Aberdeen Village
Mrs. Janice L. Adams
Mrs. Mary E. Allin
Mr. and Mrs. Tim Allin
Mr. and Mrs. Bernard E. Bancroft
Sandy Barnes
Mr. Larry Blake
Mr. and Mrs. Jack Bowerman
Mrs. Georgia A. Bundschuh
Mr. and Mrs. Randall Burnight
Ms. Twila G. Butts
Mrs. Bounnong Chokbengboon
Mr. and Mrs. Marshall Ensz
Mr. Kenneth Gitobu
Ms. Maxine Hall
Mrs. Glenda Humphreys
Mr. and Mrs. Jeff E. Johnson
Norma Kester
Ms. Margaret A. Killam
Knox United Presbyterian Church
Ms. Jackie Lamphier
Mr. and Mrs. Daniel Lindh
Ms. Michelle Loeb
Mr. and Mrs. Samuel C. Malsbary
Mr. and Mrs. John Manning
Dr. Robert H. Meneilly
Mr. Robert Meyer
Mr. and Mrs. Ralph Mitchell
Mrs. Zoe S. Moore
Marissa Moreland
Mr. and Mrs. Gary Morsch
Mr. and Mrs. Terry Nance
Mrs. Sharon R. Nelson
Sheryl Nelson
O’Dell Service Company, Inc.
Ms. Ellen Petelin
Ms. Mary Peter
Mr. Mark Petty
Presbyterian Women’s Association
Mrs. Geraldine Ray
Ms. Deborah Shuck
Mr. and Mrs. Patrick A. Walter
Rev. William M. Walter
Mr. William L. Ward
Mr. Richard D. White
Mrs. Carolyn Wilken
Mrs. Mary Wilmoth

Arkansas City Presbyterian Manor
Ark Valley Credit Union
Ark Valley Distributing
Arkansas City Presbyterian Manor Resident Council
Herbert Austin Estate
Ms. Rebecca Ayars
Barnes Co, Inc.
Ms. Catherine Bossi
Mr. Jim Bossi
Mr. John Bossi
Mr. Mark Bossi
Mr. Gene Brinkman
Mrs. Wilda Buffo
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Case
Cowley Courier Traveler
Mrs. Jeri L. Crull
Mrs. Margery Cully
CWA Local 86004
Mr. and Mrs. James D. Day
Mr. and Mrs. Bart D. Dennett
DiVall Retail Liquor Store
Mr. and Mrs. Bill & Judy R. Docking
Mrs. Faye M. Doyle
Mr. and Mrs. Marvin Doyle
Mrs. Betty D. Elrod
Ms. Linda Elwood
Mr. Lloyd Estep
Mr. and Mrs. David Faidley
Mrs. Dorothy Faidley
Mr. Richard Faidley
Fastenal Company
Fathom Advisors
First Presbyterian Church of Winfield
Mrs. Mary Fleming
Ms. Beatrice E. Followill
Ms. Tracy Frederick
Mrs. Betty Givens
Mrs. Elizabeth J. Goff
Mrs. Sarah J. Griggs
Mike Groves Oil Inc.
Ms. Angela Halpern
Ms. Oletha L. Hankins
Mr. Fred Harper
Mr. and Mrs. Don Hastings
Mrs. Dana Hensley
Mrs. Dorothy Hladik
Mrs. Lynda and Mr. Robert Hunt
Mr. and Mrs. Herrick Johnson
Ms. Reatha Juden
Ms. Misty D. Killman
Ms. Jamie Kipp
Ms. Joyce Kisner
Dr. and Mrs. Paul Klaassen
Mrs. Fern Knocke
Ms. Suzanne M. Lunsford
Mr. and Mrs. Brent Mackey
MASS Heating & Cooling
Ms. Julie A. McCoy
Mr. David Messenger
Mid-Continent Financial
Mid-West Electric Supply Inc
Mr. and Mrs. Otis Morrow
Mr. and Mrs. Bill K. Mueller
Mr. and Mrs. Frank Mulhern
Munson Insurance Agency
Mrs. Jo Ann Newman
Mr. Clark Nickles
Dr. and Mrs. Nathan C. Niles, D.D.S.
Mr. and Mrs. Richard Onnen
Mr. and Mrs. Wayne P. Peters
Mrs. Carlla Pike
Ms. Stacy Pike
Dr. and Mrs. James L. Pool
Ms. Erin Powell
Mr. and Mrs. Raymond Rahn
RCB Bank
Mr. and Mrs. Dale A. Reinecker
Rob Carroll’s Sandblasting & Painting, Inc.
Mr. Steve Ross
Rotary Club of Arkansas City
Prof. Beverly Sanborn
Schmidt Jewelers
Mrs. Rita R. Slaughter
Soroptimist Club of Ark City
Steiner Floor Covering
Mr. Kim M. Stephen
Dr. and Mrs. Rod D. Stoy, O.D.
Dr. Christopher H. Surtman
Mr. and Mrs. Steve Tanner
Ms. Inez I. Tauscher
Mrs. Joann Taylor
Mrs. Lexie Tennant
Mr. Alan Teufel
Mrs. Elsie R. Tipton
TK Elevator
TMS Eye Care
Union State Bank
United Agency, Inc.
Mrs. Margaret M. Wahlborg
Waldeck Oil Co
Waldorf-Riley Heating and Cooling
Ms. Patricia P. Ward
Ms. Chandra Watts
Mr. Nolan E. Wineinger
Ms. Braylee Wynn
Mrs. Karen Zeller

Clay Center Presbyterian Manor
Mrs. Michelle Affolter
Evan & Gladys Alex Memorial Trust
Londa Baker
Mr. Scott Butterfield
Mrs. Lois Close
Mr. and Mrs. James Cole
Mr. and Mrs. Norman Elliott
Mr. and Mrs. Tom Evert
GT MFG, Inc.
Habluetzel Family Foundation Fund
Leisure Club, Inc.
Mr. and Mrs. Robert McFadden
Vernon and Kathy Palmer
Ms. Linda Rau
Mrs. Irlene K. Riechers
Mr. and Mrs. Kevin Sales
Ms. Verlee Sanneman
Mr. and Mrs. Michael Schottelkotte
Mr. and Mrs. Randy Shadle
Mr. and Mrs. Gerald Sharp
Mr. Timothy Sharp
Mr. and Mrs. Gail Thomas
Mr. and Mrs. Michael Vint
Ms. Beth Warner
Mr. Joe Webb

Emporia Presbyterian Manor
Ms. Rita Andersen
Dorris Barnett Charitable Trust
Mr. Curtis Bock
Dr. Joan E. Budd
Ms. Chrystal Chituck
Creative Planning Foundation
Mrs. Ann B. Doudican
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Edgar
Emporia Presbyterian Church
Fowler Farms, Inc.
Mrs. Ruth Fowler
Mr. and Mrs. Jack Gabriel
Mr. Craig Garrison
Mr. and Mrs. Donald D. Gilger
Dr. and Mrs. Scott Gordon
Ms. Nina Gragg
Haag Pharmacy
Ms. Barb Haag
Mr. Jim Hanna
Hermes Healthcare
Mr. and Mrs. John V. Humphrey
Dr. and Mrs. Lynn H. Kindred
Ms. Jana Knudsen
Mr. and Mrs. Philip E. Koehler
Mr. Lance Maley
Mrs. Lennis McCreary
Modern Air Conditioning, Inc.
Ms. Marjorie Nash
K.R. Nelson
Newman Regional Hospital
Mr. Dan O’fruit
Mr. and Mrs. Henry Orejuela
Mr. Larry and Mrs. Kathy Putnam
John and Joann Sanderson
Mr. and Mrs. Michael Seely
Ms. Susan Siepelmeier
Connie Stewart
Crystal Stock; The Stock Family
Mr. and Mrs. Robert N. Symmonds
Deb Thornton
Ms. Rita Todd
Truelove Reunion
Mr. and Mrs. Jay W. Vander Velde
Mr. Jerry Waddell
Mr. and Mrs. P. David Walker
Mrs. Karen Wiley

Farmington Presbyterian Manor
Miss Ann Anderson
Barton Insurance Services
C.Z. Boyer & Son Funeral Home
Mr. and Mrs. Jack M. Chinn
David and Cecilia Corless
Danco Pizza, Inc.
Farmington Presbyterian Church
Farmington Presbyterian Women
First Presbyterian Church of Fredericktown
Mr. and Mrs. William Flesh
Dr. Patricia R. Forni
Mr. Brian and Mrs. Donna Gallagher
Mr. Michael Gibbons
Ms. Rose Ann Haeuser
Hillger Becknell Partnership LTD
Jane Hull
Mr. and Mrs. Sherman Johnson
Mr. and Mrs. John F. Karl
Ms. Patricia A. Knox
Ms. Dianne Lehman
Mrs. Grace M. Lerche
Mr. and Mrs. Aubrey Lynn
Dr. and Mrs. Roger L. Mell
Mr. and Mrs. James S. Plummer
Joan & Gary Rauls
Ms. Anna M. Rion
Mr. and Mrs. Leeman Schwent, Sr.
Rev. and Mrs. Peter Soens
Son Light Parish Presbyterian Women
Albert and Nancy Sullivan
Ms. Katherine Wallace
Mrs. Shirley Wampler
Webster Groves Presbyterian Church
Westminster Presbyterian Church Women
Dr. Carol E. Willman
Mr. and Mrs. Leonard Wood
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Worley
Ms. Julia Young

Fort Scott Presbyterian Village
Mrs. Minnie Allen
Mrs. Marjory K. Bailey
Mr. and Mrs. James Banwart
Ms. Janet I. Braun
Ms. Alberta Coe
Ms. Janet Dobey Haws
Ms. Tanya Duvall-Haubein
Mr. Gerald E. Elliott
Ms. Aimee Ervin
Ms. Ellen Fairchild
Mrs. Marjorie E. Foster
Dr. Edward C. Gordon
Ms. Vicki Halls
Rev. and Mrs. W. Reed Hartford
Mr. and Mrs. David Helm
Mr. Roger Irvin
Mr. Kenneth W. Keeney
Mr. and Mrs. Alan King
Ms. Helen Lyons
Mr. Dennis Meech
Mr. and Mrs. William Miller
Mrs. Ginger D. Nance
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Nelson
Mr. Michael Russell
Ms. Barbara A. Stuart
Ms. Linda Van Sickle
Mr. Ralph Voss

Hospice, Farmington
Mr. and Mrs. Eric Barton
Mr. Darby Downey
Mr. and Mrs. Dennis Elledge
Ms. Cathy Goforth
Mrs. Georganna Hughes
Mr. and Mrs. William Hughes
Ms. Juanita Hunt
Mr. Roger Lewis
Ms. Lily Price
Ms. Patricia Robison
Mr. Gerald Scott
Ms. Iris Tackett-York
Ms. Betty Thomlison
Mr. Eddie Thomure
Mr. and Mrs. Mike Wilburn

Hospice, Wichita
The Butler Family
Mr. and Mrs. Ricky Brotherton
Mr. and Mrs. David Hays
Mr. and Mrs. Daryl Heasty
Ms. Sheila Hertel
Michael and Jennie Johnson
Mr. Steven Metzen
Ms. Martha Moore
Mr. and Mrs. Bill Mullis
Mr. and Mrs. Troy Nedbalek
Ms. Diane Serrioz
Mr. and Mrs. William Stratford
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Ternes
Textron Aviation

Lawrence Presbyterian Manor
Mr. and Mrs. Philip N. Anderson
Mr. Stuart A. Beals and Mrs. Nancy Jorn
Mr. and Mrs. Robert C. Bearse
Ms. Barbara Braa
Ms. Beth S. Brown
Mr. and Mrs. Brower R. Burchill
Mr. James Compton
Mr. and Mrs. Andrew Eckhart
Linda Fyler
Faith Hofaker
Mr. Larry Irick
Mrs. Lesley Ketzel
Mrs. Mary Kincaid
Mr. and Mrs. Arlyn Kinsey
Mr. and Mrs. Paul Laird
Mr. David and Mrs. Sandra Laney
Mrs. Carolyn Laskowski
Mr. and Mrs. Michael McCormick
Mr. and Mrs. George W. McEachen
Mr. and Mrs. John D. Mortensen
Mr. and Mrs. James D. Neeley
Mr. David T. Nichols
Ms. Virginia Nichols
Ms. Christie L. Patrick
Mr. and Mrs. Henry A. Roberts, Jr.
Mrs. Barbara Thomas
Mr. Max E. Van Doren
Mrs. Carol Ann Vernon
Mr. Thomas Wilcox
Ms. Mary Lou Wright

Manor Of The Plains
Mr. and Mrs. Gerard Arensdorf
Mr. and Mrs. Justin Banning
Mr. Warren C. Bowles
Mr. Joe D. Butcher
Community Foundation of Southwest Kansas
Mr. and Mrs. Brian Delzeit
Mr. Loren Doll
Fidelity State Bank
Mrs. LaVada Gjerstad
Mr. and Mrs. Claude Gulliford
Mr. and Mrs. Van Z. Hampton
Mr. and Mrs. Robert J. Honnold
Mrs. Donna B. Imel
Mr. and Mrs. Ronald Katt
Mr. and Mrs. Jim Lewis
Mr. and Mrs. Charles Markel
Msgr. Brian R. Moore
Mrs. Agnes E. Rabe
Mr. Gary Rabe
Mr. and Mrs. Ryan Rabe
Mr. Richard Regan
Mr. John P. Slaven
Mr. and Mrs. David K. Tasset
Ms. Jane Woolf

Newton Presbyterian Manor
Ms. Carolyn O. Adams
Adrian & Pankratz, P.A.
Mrs. Jeanette Alumbaugh
Rev. and Mrs. James W. Anderson
Ms. Jane Arbuthnot
Mrs. Marilyn Artherton
Dr. and Mrs. Colin Bailey
Mr. and Mrs. Daniel Blevins
Mrs. Elaine Z. Booker
Central Kansas Community Foundation
Mr. Frank H. Chesky
Mr. D. Rex Clothier
Mr. Donald E. Croft
Mr. and Mrs. Michael K. Davis
Mr. Art L. Delmez
Ms. Hiedi Diaz Goetz
Mr. Arthur Dick
Mrs. Noelle Dickinson
Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth Dingwall
Ms. Janyth Fell
First Presbyterian Church of Newton
First Presbyterian Women, Newton
Ms. Kathleen Fitzjarrell
Mr. and Mrs. Rich Giblin
Ms. Carolina Gurley
Ms. Lois M. Hamilton
Dr. John Harvey
Heritage Fire Sprinkler
Ms. Sally Humphrey
Mrs. Sue H. Ice
Ms. Lois M. Ingram
Mr. and Mrs. Arlee W. Johnson
Ms. Gloria Kater
Mr. Robert Keckler
Mr. and Mrs. David W. Kern
Mr. and Mrs. Marc Kessinger
Mrs. Susan G. Koehn
Mr. and Mrs. Melvin McAnulty
Ms. Dianne McCully
Dr. Allen D. McCune
Mrs. Ethel W. Miller
Mr. and Mrs. Leroy Milton
Mr. and Mrs. Phil P. Palmer
Mrs. Noreen E. Penner
Mr. Charles Petrik
Mrs. Bette A. Piper
Hannah Redger
Mr. Vince Regehr
Valerie Robbins
Mr. and Mrs. Steven G. Schmidt
Mr. and Mrs. Vern L. Schroeder
Ms. Kady Schubert
Mr. and Mrs. Stephen L. Simmons
Mrs. Marilyn Sjogren
Mr. and Mrs. James W. Sommers
Mr. and Mrs. Jeffery Sparks
Ms. Susan Stanley
Ms. Laura Stewart
Dr. and Mrs. Robert D. Strattan
Ms. Carla Stucky
Dale Steeby &  Robetta Trapp
Emily Trask
Mr. and Mrs. Joel C. Unger
Mr. and Mrs. Alan Vogts
Ms. Melinda Wallace
Mrs. Marguerite Wickersham
Mr. Eldo Wiens

Parsons Presbyterian Manor
Mr. Tim Bogner
Bowen Pharmacy
Mr. and Mrs. David Chambers
Gypsie Collins
Ms. Ruth Haile
Mrs. Marilyn Jaeger
Mr. and Mrs. Lyle Lomas
Mr. and Mrs. Keith McGuire
Becky Nash
Jeff and Maegen Pegues
Pfizer Foundation
Rachel Schneider
Mr. and Mrs. Donald R. Seifert
Mr. and Ms. Tom Shaw
Ms. A. Victoria Thomas
Ms. Lois K. Vail
Victoria White

PMMA/Presbyterian Manors, Inc.
Alexandria Presbyterian Church
Mr. and Mrs. Kevin J. Arnell
Keith and Regina Barger
Patti & Joe Christen
Lisa and Brad Diehl
Mr. and Mrs. Greg E. Duling
Ed and Jeanne Gerstenkorn
Rev. John Goodwin
Mr. and Mrs. Norm Harriman
Mr. and Mrs. Dan F. Harris
Mrs. Paula Hedberg
Sherry K. Hind
Mr. and Mrs. William A. Hirsch
Mrs. Jenni Jones

PMMA/Presbyterian Manors, Inc. (continued)
Kansas Department of Transportation
Rev. and Mrs. Jay D. McKell
Ms. Renae McLain
Mrs. Joan and Mr. Dean Miller
Cathy Morris
Ms. Maria Morrison
Ms. Eleanor A. Nelson
Sarah and Chad Oenning
Melanie and Chris Owens
Mrs. Rhonda and Mr. Timothy Parks
Mr. and Mrs. Bradley Radatz
Ms. Marguerite T. Raines
Mr. and Mrs. Ron H. Ridgway
Mr. and Mrs. Bruce H. Shogren
Mr. and Mrs. William H. Taylor, Jr.
AmazonSmile Foundation
Ms. Alberta Bradley
Dr. and Mrs. Robert K. Docherty, II
Mrs. Vera E. Finnin
Greater Kansas City Community Foundation
Mr. Loyal Smith

Rolla Presbyterian Manor
Tamara Belfield
Ms. Pauline Bell
Mr. Lee Bennett
Mrs. Mary M. Butts
Mr. Timothy Chesney and Mr. John Long
Valerie Eades
Mr. Timothy Esslinger
Mrs. Norma J. Feeler
First Presbyterian Church of Columbia
First Presbyterian Church of Rolla
First Presbyterian Women, Rolla
Ms. Barbara S. Ford
Ms. Lyn J. Freeland
Dr. and Mrs. Oliver R. Grawe
Ms. Cynthia K. Hobart
Mrs. Vergean Joiner
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Knight
Mr. and Mrs. Richard Lemp
C. Limberg, CMT
Mr. Jack F. Morris
Ms. Jeanine Moss
Mr. and Mrs. Joe O’Neal
Dr. Ifeanyi Orizu
Dr. Barbara and Dr. Gary Patterson
Ms. Jessie Poe
Ms. Linda Rosbrugh
Mr. and Mrs. James R. Sowers
Holly Statler

Salina Presbyterian Manor
404 Move Inc.
Mr. Arthur W. Adams, Sr.
Advantage Trust Company, Salina
Lisa Anderson
Mr. and Mrs. Ed Andrla
Roy and Donice Applequist
Ms. Patricia Ault-Duell
Mr. and Mrs. Danforth W. Austin
B & K Prescription Shop
Earl Bane Foundation
Ms. Kiara Barnes
Mrs. Jean K. Barr
Mr. and Mrs. Jason Barth
Mike Berkley Family Foundation
Blue Beacon International, Inc.
Mrs. Mary Bridges
Mr. Archie Brockway
Mr. and Mrs. Richard Brown
Mr. and Mrs. Leonard Buehre
Ms. Sharon Butler
Ms. Kathleen Bycroft
Mr. and Mrs. Steven Callahan
Ms. Sarah Camarena
Carlson Funeral Home
CB Graduation Announcements
Mrs. Nancy Chandler
Mrs. Karen Collins
Mr. and Mrs. James Cram
Mr. Tom DeLaney
Ms. Patricia L. Dutrack
Mrs. Pauline L. Eaton
Mrs. Carolyn Eland
Exchange Bank
Mr. and Mrs. Jerry Exline
Mr. and Mrs. Robert W. Exline
Ms. Kim Fair
Mr. Frank D. Ferson
Mr. Randy Ferson
First Baptist Church
Ms. Richelle Florke
Ms. Betty Glatt
Stephanie Goetz
Ms. Merilyn B. Griffith
Mr. and Mrs. Dean Groves
Hampton & Royce, L.C.
Mrs. Nancy Hampton
Mrs. Mary G. Havel
Mr. Reese H. Hays, Jr.
Mrs. Carol Hoff
Mr. and Mrs. William Holgerson
Bill J. Hopper Family Designated Fund
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Houck
Dr. Perry U. Hunsley
Mr. and Mrs. John Hunt
Mrs. Barbara Hunter
Mr. Kenneth J. Jennison
Mrs. Constance S. Johnson
Mr. and Mrs. Richard G. Jones
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Jones
Verla Nesbitt Joscelyn Foundation
Mr. and Mrs. Paul E. Junk
Mr. and Mrs. Dennis M. Kissinger
Mr. William P. Knox
Mr. and Mrs. Aubrey Linville
Mr. and Mrs. Donald Lloyd
Mr. and Mrs. Jack E. Ludwig
Mrs. Karen Marchand
Rev. and Mrs. Loren E. Marler
The Marshall Family Foundation, Inc.
Ms. Susan Marshall
Don C. and Florence M. McCune Foundation
Mr. and Mrs. Raymond Metzner
Mildred and Rolland Middlekauff Foundation
Elden V. Miller Family Charitable Trust
Mr. and Mrs. John W. Miller
Ms. Gretchen Morgenstern
Morrison Foundation Trust
Mr. and Mrs. Richard Morrison
Mowery Clinic, LLC
Mrs. Jean Norton
Mr. and Mrs. Dennis C. Oakes
Mrs. Neola O’Neal
Orthopaedic Clinic of Salina
Mr. and Mrs. Bob E. Ott
Ms. Kathryne Perney
Mr. Clarence A. Peterson
Dr. and Mrs. David Peterson
Pickel & Bruckner LLC
Pontons Construction, Inc.
Ms. Leona Randolph
Mrs. Betty Rassette
Mr. and Mrs. Sidney Reitz
Mr. Steven L. Reynolds
Mrs. Martha Rhea
Robert Pruett Insurance Agency, Inc.
Mr. and Mrs. Andrew E. Rueb, Jr.
Ryan Mortuary, Inc.
Ms. Rachel Saltkill
Mr. and Mrs. Frederick D. Schroth
Mrs. Marie L. Scott
Dr. and Mrs. Steven Sebree
Mr. and Mrs. John D. Smutz
Ms. Beverly Soules
Mr. and Mrs. Karl R. Stutterheim
Sunset Plaza Drug Corp.
Sunset Properties, Inc.
The Greenway Foundation
Mr. and Mrs. Stephen C. Thompson
Ms. Jamie Tollison
Ms. Geralyn Tracz
Rev. and Mrs. Kenneth Trickle, Jr.
Mrs. Carolyn C. Urban
Mr. and Mrs. Robert J. Vince
Waddle’s Heating & Cooling, Inc.
Dr. Denise Weiss
Woods & Durham Chartered
Caitlain Renee Young
Ms. Ann M. Zimmerman
Mr. John L. Zimmerman
Mr. Mark and Mrs. Carolyn Zimmerman

Topeka Presbyterian Manor
Ms. Debra Akins
Mr. and Mrs. James G. Armfield
Mr. Wayne Burge
Ms. LaNelle Frey
Mrs. Rose M. Hinde
Harry & Virginia Holzle Fund
Mr. and Mrs. J. Stephen Jones
Mr. Howard and Mrs. Pamela Kannady
Mr. and Mrs. M. Day Kaufmann
Mr. and Mrs. Daniel Key
Dr. and Mrs. Kent E. Palmberg, M.D.
Mr. and Mrs. James Pilkinton
Qualicare Inc.
Mr. John and Mrs. Mary Schell
Mr. Richard Shermoen
Mr. John H. Stauffer
Mr. and Mrs. Dennis A. Stephen

Wichita Presbyterian Manor
Mrs. Mary Lou Adams
Mr. Jon R. Barbee
Ms. Stephanie Bergmann
Sue Berry
Mr. and Mrs. W. Art Bloomer
Dr. and Mrs. Dennis W. Brewer
Mr. Toby and Mrs. Janis Brown
Ms. Shenelle Chancellor
Mrs. Joyce K. Craig
Susan Cross
Mrs. Carolyn Davis
Rev. and Mrs. John S. Decker
Mr. Luchion E. Doshier
Mr. and Mrs. Howard Forsberg
Ms. Cecilia Foster
Ms. Jo Lin Gardner
Bailey Gruver
Kristin Haimowitz
Mr. John H. Hall
Mr. Chris Hartman
Mr. and Mrs. Mark H. Hitt
Mrs. Ann L. Hunter
Ms. Angela Johnston
Danielle Kapsch
Mr. and Mrs. Steve Kennel
Ms. Marsha A. Kidd
Mr. and Mrs. Lyle W. Koerper
Sheree Lane
Mrs. Rosella A. Linder
Mr. Ira and Mrs. Claudia Mann
Ms. Leah Martin
Mr. William D. Mauck
Mr. and Mrs. Tom B. McDavitt
Lisa Miller
Mr. and Mrs. Max J. Miller
Mrs. Cathy Morgan
Mrs. Beverly Morris
Mary Page
Kori Plank
Mr. and Mrs. Mark E. Ritchey
Mrs. Dorothy J. Rowden
Teresa Scoles
Mr. and Mrs. Steve Scurlock
Mr. and Mrs. Stanley Smeltzer
Ms. Karen H. Smith
Ms. Shari Smithhisler
Ms. Carol Spurgeon
Alicia Stinson
Sutherland Builders, Inc.
Trinity Presbyterian Church
Lawana Vinther
Mrs. Amy Watson
Mr. and Mrs. James Whittit
Ms. Debra Wilkens
Mrs. Mary M. Wilson
Ms. Courtney Wolfe