Thank you to our dedicated Mission Committees.

Volunteers and donors are critical to helping Presbyterian Manors of Mid-America (PMMA) achieve the mission of providing quality senior services guided by Christian values.  We seek to enhance all aspects of our volunteer program and grow philanthropy.

In 2017, a task force of several executive directors and PMMA staff was developed to review the current guidelines and propose a new structure.  Thus, a more defined name and guideline was developed.

The PMMA Community Mission Committee is comprised of volunteers who are responsible for supporting and enhancing the services provided by PMMA senior living communities.  This shall be accomplished through volunteer activities and fundraising efforts.  The Community Mission Committee shall be selected from leaders in the greater community, residing in the geographic area served by the senior living community.  The committee shall seek to have its membership reflect the leadership of business, civic, education, faith and other community organizations.

Mission Committee Members

Aberdeen Village
Mr. Alan Stetson
Mr. Chris Lorman
Mr. Patrick Sulzberger
Mrs. JoAnn C. Furman
Mrs. Sheril Herman
Mrs. Vickie Morsch

Arkansas City Presbyterian Manor
Mr. William K. Mueller
Mrs. Janeene Spangler
Mrs. Judith Olmstead
Mrs. Julie Uden
Mrs. Margaret Wahlborg

Clay Center Presbyterian Manor
Dr. Kathy Bosch
Mr. Preston Rook
Mr. Randy Carlson
Mrs. Catherine Affolter
Ms. Anjanette Hauserman
Ms. Julie Hamel
Ms. Margaret Kelley
Rev. Scott Lingle

Emporia Presbyterian Manor
Mr. Aaron B. Sewell
Mr. George K. Walters
Mr. Jim Kessler
Mr. Jim W. Pickert
Mr. Larry Putnam
Mr. Miles Shirk
Mrs. Ann B. Doudican
Rev. Phyllis Stutzman

Farmington Presbyterian Manor
Dr. Carol E. Willman
Dr. Jon D. Cozean
Mr. Byron Taylor
Mrs. Carol Bloom
Mrs. Jetty Reese
Mrs. Nancy G. Sullivan
Mrs. Patricia Larkin

Fort Scott Presbyterian Village
Mr. Dale Johnson
Mr. David R. Shepherd
Mr. Otis Thomas
Mr. Robert Nelson
Mrs. Jackie Warren
Mrs. JoLynne Mitchell
Mrs. Joyce E. Gobl
Mrs. Judy Nelson
Mrs. Tammy L. Hill
Ms. Janet I. Braun
Pastor Marty Dewitt

Fulton Presbyterian Manor
Mr. Bennie E. Young
Mr. Chris Garrett
Mr. David L. Craighead, Jr.
Mrs. Teresa Arms
Ms. Virginia Beasley
Rev. Aaron White

Lawrence Presbyterian Manor
Dr. Susanne Shaw
Mrs. Dottie Nordlund
Mrs. Edna M. Galle
Mrs. Mary D. Burchill
Ms. Ann Evans
Msgr. Vince E. Krische

Manor Of The Plains
Mr. John N. Oringdorff
Mr. Stephen A. Cagle
Ms. Nancy Whitson
Rev. Richard Robbins

Newton Presbyterian Manor
Mrs. Linda H. Davis
Mrs. Marci Andres
Mrs. Mary Ellen Tippin
Mrs. Nancy Green
Mrs. Robetta R. Trapp
Mrs. Sue H. Ice
Ms. Betty Richert
Ms. Carolyn O. Adams
Rev. Larry Sadowski
Rev. Robert K. Wyman

Parsons Presbyterian Manor
Dr. Stephen F. Miller
Mr. Brian West
Mr. Lyle Lomas
Mrs. Jill Coomes
Rev. Jennifer Dawson
Rev. Wayne Mason

Rolla Presbyterian Manor
Dr. Barbara Patterson
Dr. Bill Cottingham
Mr. Jeff Sandquist
Mr. John E. Kingston
Mr. Lee Bennett
Mr. Rick E. Miller
Mrs. Betty J. Hodges
Mrs. Diana Elliott
Ms. Cynthia K. Hobart
Rev. Lou Ellen Hartley

Salina Presbyterian Manor
Dr. Gary W. Norris
Dr. Steven Sebree
Mr. Dean Groves
Mr. Jeff Denton
Mr. Mark A. Zimmerman
Mrs. Constance Johnson
Mrs. Susy Reitz
Ms. Jeanne Edwards
Rev. Kenneth Trickle, Jr.

Sterling Presbyterian Manor
Mrs. April Kelso
Mrs. DeeAnn Fabin
Mrs. Janet Caywood
Mrs. Kendra Grizzle
Mrs. Lorene Bethell
Mrs. Margaret Calderwood
Mrs. Marlene A. Connor
Mrs. Stacey Corwin
Mrs. Virginia Reed
Ms. Sheryl L. Fulton
Rev. George Hinton

Topeka Presbyterian Manor
Mr. Adam Entress
Ms. Lori Yocum

Wichita Presbyterian Manor
Dr. Sharon L. Chester
Dr. Suleman Sadiq, M.D.
Lt. Lori Marceau
Mr. Craig Smith
Mrs. Joan Aldrich