We are grateful to everyone who shares their gifts of time, talent and treasure so that others may benefit.  It is through thoughtful and caring people like you that seniors at PMMA (Presbyterian Manors of Mid-America®) will continue to have access to quality senior services guided by Christian values.  

The contributions of these difference makers to PMMA® means more to us – and those we serve – than you can imagine.  They are a blessing to our residents and staff, and make our communities better.  We are honored that they choose to partner with us to serve our residents and their families.  How reassuring it is to know that we can count on others regardless of what we may face.

A special thank you to these difference makers.  Together, we are making positive differences in the lives of seniors.

Mission Committees
The PMMA Community Mission Committee is comprised of volunteers who are responsible for supporting and enhancing the services provided by PMMA senior living communities.  This shall be accomplished through volunteer activities and fundraising efforts. 

Each year, PMMA senior living communities receive philanthropic support from individuals, churches and businesses. 

Across our network of care, volunteers assist our residents in many ways.  Some assist residents to chapel, or provide manicures; while others spend time helping residents with vital technology needs like providing help with FaceTime and setting up an email or Facebook account.